WeWork Sinsa, the first WeWork location in the dynamic and artistic Sinsa-dong area, will become a cradle of inspiration for the creators in the area
With WeWork Sinsa - the 17th location in Korea - WeWork will be able to accommodate over 21,000 members by July
With a close proximity to the birthplace of Korean latest trends, the new location will make WeWork experiences available for a diverse pool of creators

2019-01-31 15:27 출처: WeWork

SEOUL, South Korea--(뉴스와이어) 2019년 01월 31일 -- The platform that provides the space, community and services for creators and commits to creating a world where people make a life, not just a living - announced today that it will open ‘WeWork Sinsa’ in July 2019.

WeWork Sinsa will be the company’s first location in Sinsa-dong area. In particular, by July with the opening of WeWork Sinsa which is the 17th WeWork location in Korea, WeWork will be able to accommodate over 21,000 members in Korea.

WeWork Sinsa will open in July 2019 at Sinsa J Building near Sinsa Subway Station, taking over the entire building from the basement level to the 9th floor. As WeWork’s first location in Sinsa-dong, a vibrant and artistic neighborhood with a number of art and entertainment-related businesses, WeWork Sinsa will act as a cradle of inspiration for a diverse pool of creators in the area.

Located at the heart of Sinsa-dong, the new location is at close proximity to the nearby ‘Garosu-gil’, a popular, upscale street that runs from Sinsa Station to Hyeondae High School. Known as a street for artists and creators, Garosu-gil boasts an array of open studios, ateliers, small boutiques and vintage shops, as well as offices of big and small entertainment management agencies, charming cafés and restaurants that make the area one of the top tourist attraction for international trendsetters interested in Korean culture.

“We are excited to make WeWork experiences available for more creators as well as strengthening our presence in Korea with the opening of WeWork Sinsa, another WeWork location outside of Teheran-ro in Gangnam after WeWork Designer Club,” said Matthew Shampine, General Manager, Korea at WeWork. “Combined with the vibrant and unique culture of the area, WeWork Sinsa will help fortify Sinsa-dong area into one of the primary areas for local artists and creators, while adding to our continuous effort in building a creative and innovative creator community in Korea.”

Since its first presence in Seoul, WeWork has been driving change towards the ‘future of work and city’ as a global and domestic industry leader in building collaborative communities. As part of its continued effort in supporting local creators in Korea, WeWork will hold the Creator Awards event in Seoul on February 28 at Dongdaemun Design Plaza. Co-hosted with the Seoul Metropolitan Government, the event will support the innovative projects of local creators as well as vitalize the domestic creator community based on WeWork’s global platform.

About WeWork

WeWork is a platform for creators, providing over 400,000 members around the world with space, community, and services through both physical and virtual offerings. WeWork currently has 425 physical locations in 99 cities and 27 countries around the world. Founded in 2010 by Adam Neumann and Miguel McKelvey in New York, the company now employs more than 9,000 globally. WeWork seeks ‘creators’ from all industries and companies big and small to become members, with a suite of WeWork-specific membership benefits in each country and a local staff in each city. More than 45,000 companies and more than 400,000 members are now based at a WeWork, with member companies ranging from start-ups to household names including Dell, KPMG, GE, Microsoft, and Samsung. More than 70% of WeWork’s members collaborate with each other and its international locations serve as convenient bases for business travel, enabling a great degree of work flexibility for both multinationals and small-to-medium-sized businesses alike, as well as options for easy expansion into new markets. For more information, visit wework.com.

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